CLR 11: Manifestos Launch / Audio Recording of ‘Rhythmdrama: A Disaster’ by Will Hall

Thanks to all those who joined us for the launch of CLR 11: Manifestos last Wednesday to hear Raymond Geuss on the Nicene Creed and Dada, poetry from Imogen Cassels and Paige Smeaton, mandolele songs based on Orlando Furioso by Jessica Law, an excerpt from Will Hall’s drama ‘Kelsoe & LittlePolity’, and the first public reading of Rosie Šnajdr’s latest story ‘We are Cosmonauts’.


As a special extra, we are also presenting an audio recording of Will Hall’s Rhythmdrama: A Disaster, recorded at the Polyphonic Poetry Festival, 16/06/18, Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, Cambridge.

    Cast & Credits

Tom Brandy – James Adams

Quitetoe/Babyteacher – Tony Torn

John Turner, Newsman – Ryan Pepin

Diotima – Lee Ann Brown

Intern 1 – Luke Bridges

Intern 2 – Jay Richardson

Intern 3 – Nate Schmidt

0 – Edan Umrigar


Movement by Rosa van Hensbergen

Music by Jay Richardson

Produced by Imogen Cassels

Directed by Christian Coppa

Written by Will Hall

EQ-ed for the CLR by Tony Torn

Issue 11 Online Content: Nisha Ramayya, ‘Villein in Gross’ and ‘Villein Regardant’

With CLR 11: Manifestos now printed and ready to order, we will be posting some content from the issue online, and first up is this pair of pieces by Nisha Ramayya, accessible here, or from the link on the issue 11 contents page. Enjoy!