CLR 12 Virtual Launch: Aiki Kelley Reads from William Melvin Kelley’s “Dunfords Travels Everywheres”, and Jesi Kelley Reads from “Words about Dunfords”

In 2018 the New Yorker described William Melvin Kelley as “The lost giant of American literature”. His fourth novel—Dunfords Travels Everywheres—was first published in 1970, but it appeared without the illustrations that he had commissioned from his wife Aiki to accompany the text, and has since remained out of print. We’re incredibly pleased that CLR 12 contains an extract from Dunfords, alongside two of Aiki’s illustrations, and also an essay by Jesi Kelley, William and Aiki’s daughter, on her father’s writing. Here, Aiki Kelley reads from Dunfords Travels Everywheres, and Jesi reads from “Words about Dunfords, because the words in Dunfords are work”. Our thanks go to Noxie Studio for providing the video. Dunfords Travels Everywheres is due to be republished by Anchor Books in September 2020.