Read Online from Issue 12: Jesi Kelley, “Words about Dunfords”

We’re delighted to be making Jesi Kelley’s essay “Words about Dunfords, because the words in Dunfords are work” available on the website. This introduction to William Melvin Kelley’s Dunfords Travels Everywheres appears in CLR 12 alongside an extract from Dunfords, and illustrations by Aiki Kelley.

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Alice Hiller on Art as Activism in the Aftermaths of Trauma

In CLR 12 we were pleased to publish two poems by Alice Hiller: “twice told” and “quadrant”. In a recent essay published on her website she discusses the construction of these poems, and the activist aspect of her current work’s reckoning with trauma and experiences of abuse. Read “Marking the Spaces of our Silences” here.

CLR 12 Virtual Launch: Spencer Thomas Campbell, “Chroma Key”

The first and last scenes of Chroma Key, a play by Spencer Thomas Campbell, as published in issue 12 of the CLR.

This video is excerpted from a Title:Point production at The Brick, Brooklyn, NY, January 2017, directed by Theresa Buchheister and Spencer Thomas Campbell. These scenes star Ryan William Downey as Man and Kate Hurley as Girl. Recording by Jon Burklund for ZANNI Productions.

With our thanks to Spencer for providing and editing the video.

From the Archive: Audre Lorde, “Race and the Urban Situation”, and “Proposal for Faculty Seminar at Hunter on Race”

In CLR 11: Manifestos, with the help of Lost & Found : The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative, we printed two texts by Audre Lorde: “Race and the Urban Situation”, and “Proposal for Faculty Seminar at Hunter on Race”. We’re now pleased to make these available online.

Learn more about the Lost & Found project at their website. Here you will find unknown archival works from, amongst many others, Toni Cade Bambara, Amiri Baraka, Langston Hughes, Ted Joans, Helene Johnson, and June Jordan.

“Race and the Urban Situation” and “Proposal for Faculty Seminar at Hunter on Race” are excerpted from “I Teach Myself in Outline,” Notes, Journals, Syllabi, & An Excerpt from Deotha, edited by Miriam Atkin and Iemanjá Brown (PhD candidates in the English Program at The Graduate Center, CUNY), and appeared as part of Lost & Found, Series VII (Fall, 2017). This project focuses on Lorde’s time as an instructor at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Hunter College from 1975–1985, with a mix of primarily pedagogical materials that have never been published before.

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Read Online from Issue 12: Harvey James, “Saturday”

Issue 12 of the CLR contains the debut short story by Harvey James, “Saturday”. The story is written in HTML, and we are pleased to share one version of the story as a WordPress page, and the original text as printed in the CLR. Please note that the two versions differ, and using the original text to create a webpage is also recommended.

Please take a look at the contents of CLR 12, and order a copy using the menu above.

CLR 12 Virtual Launch: Peter Gizzi Reads “Speech Acts for a Dying World”

In this instalment of the online launch for CLR 12, Peter Gizzi reads “Speech Acts for a Dying World”, which appears in the issue alongside two further poems: “Archival Light”, and “the face is a political animal”.

Peter Gizzi’s recent books include Sky Burial: New & Selected Poems, out since February 2020 with Carcanet Press, and Archeophonics, which was a Finalist for the 2016 National Book Award in the US.

CLR 12 Virtual Launch: Raymond Geuss reads “Fiebertraum/=baum”

Continuing the online launch of CLR 12, Raymond Geuss reads “Fiebertraum/=baum”.

Raymond Geuss is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Cambridge. His latest book, Who needs a world view? was published by Harvard University Press in May 2020.