Issue 1

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Michaelmas 2009, 282 pp.

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Helen Macdonald: Partridges
Charles Lambert: The Gift
John Wilkinson: Three poems from “The Swing”
Avery Slater: Three poems
John James: Two poems
John Matthias: Café Des Westens
Justin Katko & Jow Lindsay: Three poems from Drug Flutes
Ian Patterson: 60 Windows
John Kinsella: Two poems
J.H. Prynne: from Streak Willing Entourage Artesian
Timothy Thornton: Fire Shift
Rod Mengham: The Debauchery of Nuances
Anna Mendelssohn: Three poems
Debora Greger: A Scholar’s Rock Looks at a Poet
Richard Berengarten: We went down to the river
Tom Lowenstein: from two longer sequences
Emily Critchley: Two poems
Josh Stanley: “U! nationalism” and other poems
Luke Roberts: Egg Hunt Triumph
Peter Riley: The Road
Marianne Morris: Two poems
Keston Sutherland: from Stress Position

Fiction and Prose:

Rosie Šnajdr: The Cake Woman
Helen Macdonald: Big Trouble in Little Shelford
Charles Lambert: postfuck tristezza

Feature On Cambridge Poetry:

Jeremy Noel-Tod: A History of Difficulty: On Cambridge Poetry
Boris Jardine: [a note on archaeology]
Charles Madge: The Storming of the Brain (1950)
Andrew Duncan: The Storming of the Brain: a preliminary commentary
Ray Crump: Poems, selected with an Afterword by Peter Riley
Elaine Feinstein: Remembering Prospect
Richard Berengarten: The Cambridge Poetry Festival: 35 years after
Gareth Farmer: “The slightly hysterical style of University talk”: Veronica Forrest-Thomson and Cambridge
John Hall: “So don’t tell all your meaning”: two poems by Douglas Oliver
Rod Mengham: Free Running Crit
Christina McLeish: Margins: on Nigel Wheale’s Remote Sensing and Roger Langley’s Man Jack and Twine
Robert Archambeau: Public Faces In Private Places: Messianic Privacy in Cambridge Poetry
Marianne Morris: On Disorder


Raymond Geuss: Vix Intellegitur
Stefan Collini: Never Mind the Width: Understanding and Judgement in the Humanities
Rebecca Stott: “Tangling with History”
Philip Pettit: Remembering the Review