Issue 1

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Poetry and Fiction:

Richard Berengarten, Emily Critchley, Debora Greger, John James, Justin Katko & Jow Lindsay, John Kinsella, Charles Lambert, Tom Lowenstein, Helen Macdonald, John Matthias, Anna Mendelssohn, Marianne Morris, Ian Patterson, J.H. Prynne, Peter Riley, Luke Roberts, Avery Slater, Rosie Šnajdr, Josh Stanley, Keston Sutherland, Timothy Thornton, John Wilkinson.


Raymond Geuss, ‘Vix intellegitur’

Stefan Collini, ‘Understanding and judgement in the humanities’

Rebecca Stott, ‘Tangling with History’

Philip Pettit on the Cambridge Review

Feature On Cambridge Poetry:

Jeremy Noel-Tod, ‘A History of Difficulty: On Cambridge Poetry’

Andrew Duncan introducing Charles Madge’s ‘The Storming of the Brain’ (1950)

Peter Riley introducing a selection of poems by Raymond Crump

Elaine Feinstein on Prospect

Richard Berengarten on the 1975 Cambridge Poetry Festival

Gareth Farmer on Veronica Forrest-Thomson

John Hall on Douglas Oliver’s ‘Arrondissements’

Rod Mengham on Andrew Crozier’s ‘Free Running Bitch’

Christina McLeish on Roger Langley and Nigel Wheale

Robert Archambeau, ‘Public Faces In Private Places: Messianic Privacy in Cambridge Poetry’

Marianne Morris ‘On Disorder’