Issue 10: Marginalia

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Easter 2017, 201 pp.

Notes on Authors

Contents: (follow the underlined links to read items free online)


Susan Howe: Concordance, a Poem
Eileen Myles: SO; #53
Nathaniel Mackey: “Black Light Be Their Witness”
Vahni Capildeo: Persephone in Oulipo
Alex Houen: 100 Years Suspended in War
Cole Swensen: The Reveries of the Solitary Walker; “Walking”
Peter Gizzi: Four poems
Stephen Rodefer: Sub Mineola
Luke Roberts:  Four Poems from Sorbet
Rowan Evans: cante jondo mixtape; Erratics
Ken Cockburn & Alec Finlay: from “Johnson’s Dictionary: A Supplement”
Jesse Drury: Aesthetic Practice; Make It Abstract
Drew Milne: from Lichens for Marxists


J.H. Prynne: A Note on Metal
Hannah Brooks-Motl: Carol Rama: Space even more than time (1970)
Amy Bowles: Copying Manuscripts in the 17th Century
David Larsen: Three Versions of a Qasida by Abu Sakhr Al-Hudhali
Tala Jarjour: Texting Musicality, Writing Sound
Raymond Geuss: When Inspiration Fails


Jocelyn Paul Betts: Pitch: Gim [for annotation]
Mika Seifert: The Prisoner
John Saul: Konstanz
Robert Kiely: “On the Relative Immortality of American Teeth”
Eley Williams: Whilings, or the inability to remember the context of a photograph