Issue 13: Resistance

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Easter 2021, 216 pp.

RESISTANCE, the 13th issue of the CLR, features work that takes that originating concept in a panoply of directions, reflecting on what it means to stand against and stand out. These poems, stories, and essays resist brutal political oppression, the death of satire, Coronavirus,* the institutionalization of art, deindividualization, formal constraints, and easy answers. Stet.

*The CLR should be taken in combination with a medically approved vaccine.

Notes on Authors

Contents: (follow the underlined links to read items free online)

Verity Spott: Coronelles
Robert Kiely: really existing satire [read web version]
Daniel Eltringham: Tzar of Everything
Albe Harlow: Off the Deep End
Raymond de Borja: Work
Evelyn Wh-ell: Withdrawal, or: the artist formerly known as Lee Lozano has left the building
Sylvie Thode: Uncertain Intimacies
Peter Hughes: July, August, October
Vidyan Ravinthiran: Interloper
Chris Dunton: On Ajayi Crowther Street
John Saul: Tank
Esme Broadbent: Landays: De-objectifying “the Afghan Woman”
Harry Josephine Giles: May a transsexual hear a bird?
Luisa Carnés: The Snitch (La Chivata) translated by Robin Munby
Faraj Bayrakdar: As Long As You Are, I Am; Echo; Vision
Ammiel Alcalay & Shareah Taleghani: from Poetry’s Migration
Elias Khoury: from Portrait of a Poet
J.H. Prynne: Manifested; Resistance and Difficulty
Ali Graham: Not to repeat myself but
Paige Smeaton: Stag, Honey; Suffumigation; Leukaemia
Kimberly Campanello: Forms; An Indicator; Receipt
Yousif M. Qasmiyeh: The bomb shelter
Drew Milne: Nothing Much
Faye Latham: R.A.V.E.; Vomit Blossom Fields; The Old Beacon
Louis Klee: 14 lines; I counted
Luke Roberts: That Death, That Decade: Sean Bonney