Issue 13: Resistance

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Easter 2021, 216 pp.

RESISTANCE, the 13th issue of the CLR, features work that takes that originating concept in a panoply of directions, reflecting on what it means to stand against and stand out. These poems, stories, and essays resist brutal political oppression, the death of satire, Coronavirus,* the institutionalization of art, deindividualization, formal constraints, and easy answers. Stet.

*The CLR should be taken in combination with a medically approved vaccine.

Notes on Authors

Contents: (follow the underlined links to read items free online)

Verity Spott: Coronelles
Robert Kiely: really existing satire [read web version]
Daniel Eltringham: Tzar of Everything
Albe Harlow: Off the Deep End
Raymond de Borja: Work
Evelyn Wh-ell: Withdrawal, or: the artist formerly known as Lee Lozano has left the building
Sylvie Thode: Uncertain Intimacies
Peter Hughes: July, August, October
Vidyan Ravinthiran: Interloper
Chris Dunton: On Ajayi Crowther Street
John Saul: Tank
Esme Broadbent: Landays: De-objectifying “the Afghan Woman”
Harry Josephine Giles: May a transsexual hear a bird?
Luisa Carnés: The Snitch (La Chivata) translated by Robin Munby
Faraj Bayrakdar: As Long As You Are, I Am; Echo; Vision
Ammiel Alcalay & Shareah Taleghani: from Poetry’s Migration
Elias Khoury: from Portrait of a Poet
J.H. Prynne: Manifested; Resistance and Difficulty
Ali Graham: Not to repeat myself but
Paige Smeaton: Stag, Honey; Suffumigation; Leukaemia
Kimberly Campanello: Forms; An Indicator; Receipt
Yousif M. Qasmiyeh: The bomb shelter
Drew Milne: Nothing Much
Faye Latham: R.A.V.E.; Vomit Blossom Fields; The Old Beacon
Louis Klee: 14 lines; I counted
Luke Roberts: That Death, That Decade: Sean Bonney

NB: The 1939 essay “The Iliad, or the Poem of Force” by Simone Weil was typeset for this issue, but not included in the final printing, instead we are making our version freely available here.