Issue 2

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Lent 2010, 254 pp.

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Drew Milne: city of dogs
Marianna Morris: Seven poems
Andrea Brady: Three poems from Wildfire
Ian Heames: Two poems
Nick Potamitis: suddenly
Francesca Lisette: Honied Taper
Stephen Rodefer: A Poor Occasion…
Alice Notley: Four poems
Posie Rider: I wrote a poem…
Rod Mengham: Bend The Bow
Alexander Nemser: Psalms
Geoffrey Hartman: Two poems
Peter Hughes: from Behoven
Ray Crump: Three poems
David Grundy: Two poems
Laura Kilbride: Ordinary Time
Angela Leighton: Stringed Figure (Curlew)
Sara Crangle: To Wit Nothing

Fiction and Prose:

Lorqi Blinx: Cowards are Great!
Rosie Šnajdr: The Interrupted Human Remains
Helen Macdonald: Two days of the goshawk
Chris Hardy: Ray Crump: A commentary and memoir
Keith Wells: Ray Crump
Ray Crump: The Tinder Box – Sparks of Poetry


Marina Frasca-Spada: David Hume, the Caliph Omar and the burning issue of metaphysics
Simon Jarvis: Spirit Medium: On Hegel’s Phenomenology
[Keston Sutherland: “Song of the Wanking Iraqi”]
Justin Katko: On “Song of the Wanking Iraqi”
Emma Gilby: Commentary and Impact: Longinus on the Sublime
George Reynolds: Pound’s Letters: Towards a Poetics Including the “EZpistolary”
Gerald L. Bruns: Obscurum Per Obscurius


From Daniel Elstein, Andrea Brady, Robert Archambeau.