Issue 2

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Andrea Brady, Sara Crangle, Ray Crump, David Grundy, Geoffrey Hartman, Ian Heames, Peter Hughes, Laura Kilbride, Angela Leighton, Francesca Lisette, Rod Mengham, Drew Milne, Marianne Morris, Alexander Nemser, Alice Notley, Nick Potamitis, Posie Rider and Stephen Rodefer.

Fiction and Prose

Lorqi Blinx, Rosie Šnajdr, Helen Macdonald, Chris Hardy, Keith Wells and Ray Crump.


Marina Frasca-Spada, ‘David Hume, the Caliph Omar and the burning issue of metaphysics’

Simon Jarvis, ‘Spirit Medium: On Hegel’s Phenomenology’

[Keston Sutherland, ‘Song of the Wanking Iraqi’]

Justin Katko, ‘On “Song of the Wanking Iraqi”’

Emma Gilby, ‘Commentary and Impact: Longinus on the Sublime’

George Reynolds, ‘Pound’s Letters: Towards a Poetics Including the ‘EZpistolary’

Gerald L. Bruns, ‘Obscurum Per Obscurius’

Letters from Daniel Elstein, Andrea Brady and Robert Archambeau.