Issue 3

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Editorial and Letters, from Peter Riley and Allen Fisher.


Joel Calahan: Four Genovese Poets
Anne Blonstein: [Psalm] 13.
Caroline Bergvall: The Fried Tale (London Zoo), Part 1
Reitha Pattison: Four poems from the French of Bertran de Born
Raymond Geuss: Avis Pacis and other poems
Jonty Tiplady: noelove and Daurelles Paladines Impossible Cinema
Marianne Morris: Pierre Reverdy’s Art Moderne Retouché
Henri Deluy: The Oath of Strasbourg, translated by Jacqueline Kari
Peter Manson: extracts from Mallarmé’s The Marrying of Hérodiade: Mystery
Ian Heames: Sonnet and Out of Villon
Charles Lambert: Readings of Jean Genet
Nicholas Moore: Eight Poems from the Nicaraguan
Richard Owens: Four Ballads
Andrzej Sosnowski: Three poems, translated by Rod Mengham
Grzegorz Wróblewski: Richard’s Head, translated by Agnieszka Pokojska
Alistair Noon: Two poems by Osip Mandelstam
Adam Polnay: Versions of a poem by Hesse
Sean Bonney: after Rimbaud Prose


Eric Hazan: Faubourg Saint-Antoine [translated by David Fernbach]
Kurt Schwitters: The Onion (Merzpoem 8) [translated by Peter Wortsman]
André Gide: The Evolution of Theatre [translated by Julian Evans]
Jeremy Hardingham: Enter Unfolding Exit
Emily Critchley: Some Curious Thing


J.H. Prynne: Difficulties in the Translation of “Difficult” Poems
Lydia Davis: The Architecture of Thought
Haun Saussy: Jean Métellus: A Portrait of the Artist as Horse
Nick Jardine: Old friends (as opposed to false and fickle)
Yonatan Mendel, ‘The Politics of Non-Translation: On Israeli Translations of Intifada, Shahid, Hudna and Islamic Movements’
David Bellos: Halting Walter
Christopher Burke: Back to basics: Otto Neurath and Isotype
Peter Zinovieff: Nuzuh