Issue 4

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Jean Day, ‘Undersong’

Lisa Robertson, ‘Notes for a Cinema of the Present (handspan/fieldwork)’

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, ‘Draft 102: One-on-One’, ‘Draft 104: The Book’

Vanessa Place, ‘The marble flesh the gold peacock the elect chair…’

Emily Critchley, ‘A selection of North American women writers from the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival (July 2010)’

John Wilkinson, ‘Ode: The Enigma of the Hour’

Jesse Drury, ‘Lyric Totality.’

Simon Jarvis, ‘Dinner’

Fiction, Prose and Essays

John Matthias, ‘Poetry and Murder’
Raymond Geuss, ‘Hannah, Paul, Rosa, Julian, and the Sphinx’
Iain Sinclair, ‘Compass Rose: A Tale of Sickness and Travel’
Lorqi Bilnk, ‘Notes towards the party as a dead form’