Issue 5

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Summer 2011, 198 pp.

Notes on Authors

Contents: (follow the underlined links to read items free online)

Poetry and Criticism:

Catherine Wagner: A Well is a Mine: A Good Belongs To Me; The Bounding Line
Andrea Brady: after Hannah Höch
Susana Gardner: from Hyper-Phantasie Constructs
Lee Ann Brown: Ailanthus; Sweet August Clematis
Eleni Sikelianos: Bluebottle flies, blue light; Let this me
Emily Critchley: A further selection of American writers from the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival (July 2010)
Corina Copp: on the work of Jean Day
Linus Slug: Reckoning
Ray Crump: Three poems
Michael Haslam: Old Lad
Peter Gizzi: Eye of the Poem
James Russell: Komodo My House
Timothy Thornton: 3 Lute Songs
Thomas Weber: two poems
Isabelle Ward: Train Rides
Jeremy Noel-Tod remembers R.F. Langley

Fiction and Prose:

Donald Barthelme: The Ontological Basis of Two
Valérie Mréjen: Citrus [translated by Christopher Andrews]
R.F. Walker: The Viennese Delegation


David Hendy: Danger in the air: the covert cultures of early radio
Helen Macdonald: Covert naturalists: ethologists hunting objectivity in the field
Geoffrey Hartman, Interviewed by Xie Qiong


Katrina Forrester: Stanley Cavell, Little Did I Know: Excerpts from Memory
Emma Hogan: Robert Hampton & Will Montgomery (eds), Frank O’Hara Now: New Essays on the New York Poet