Issue 7

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Michaelmas 2013, 182 pp.

Notes on Authors

Contents: (follow the underlined links to read items free online)


David Wheatley: from Reed Bunting Unseen
Drew Milne: Preface to the Critique of Pure Poetry
Jesse Drury: Austen & Austin
Vahni Capildeo: Dog or Wolf; Inhuman Triumphs
Jeff Hilson: Organ Music


Ish Klein: In a Word, FAUST

Fiction and Prose:

Jennifer Thorp: Two segments from the novel The Traitor’s Symphony
Ian Holding: The Black Suit

Essays and Reviews:

James R. Martin: On Misunderstanding W.G. Sebald
Mikhal Dekel: Erasing Race: The Redemptive National Narrative of S.Y. Agnon
Rosie Šnajdr: Review of Sandeep Parmar (ed.), Hope Mirrlees Collected Poems
Robert Kiely: Some Skims; reviews of: Will Rowe, nation; Redell Olsen, SPRIGS & spots; David Wheatley, Flowering Skullcap; Cathy Wagner, Nervous Device; Justin Katko, Songs for One Occasion; Ollie Evans, Dash Booked a Builder
Raymond Geuss: Lucretius in Luxor