Issue 8/9: The Children’s Issue

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Lent 2015, 259 pp.

This special double issue honours children’s literature, with poetry by Tim Atkins, Joshua Beckman, Andrea Brady and Ayla Ffytche, Ian Brinton, Hannah Brooks-Motl, Vahni Capildeo, Patrick Coyle, Michael Farrell, Peter Gizzi, Edmund Hardy, Sophie Herxheimer, Bernadette Mayer, Chris McCabe, Sophie Seita, and Uljana Woolf; a ‘choose your own adventure’ story by Rosie Šnajdr; and essays by Clementine Beauvais, Nicholas B. Clark, Margaret R. Higonnet, Carrie Hintz, Robert Kiely, Lisa Jarnot, Toby Mitchell, Eve Tandoi, Greg Thomas, and Ross Wolfe. It also reprints Walter Benjamin’s essay ‘Berlin Toy Tour II’, translated by Jonathan Lutes, and El Lissitzky’s ‘A Supremacist Tale About Two Squares’—colourful socialist propaganda for children.

Notes on Authors


Rosie Šnajdr: Choose Your Own Adventure
Kamau Brathwaite: She Gardening
Vahni Capildeo: Lousie Bourgeois: Insomnia Drawings
Juliet Dusinberre: Arthur Ransome: Beginning at the End
Walter Benjamin: Berlin Toy Tour II, translated by Jonathan Lutes
Andrea Brady & Ayla Ffytche: The Underworld
Ross Wolfe: Introduction to About Two Squares
El Lissitzky: A Suprematist Tale About Two Squares
Peter Gizzi: The Posthumous Life of Childhood
Michael Farrell: Concept of the human as princess and the world as pea
Lisa Jarnot: from A Princess Magic Presto Spell
Uljana Wolf: from Babeltrack (Notes on a Lengevitch), translated by Sophie Seita
Eve Tandoi: Reading in the Spirit of Bakhtin: Hybridity and Heteroglossia in Aidan Chamber’s Breaktime
Clémentine Beauvais: Children, Books and the Adult Gaze
Hannah Brooks-Motl: Of the Education of Children
Chris McCabe: from A Different Kind of City, illustrated by Sophie Herxheimer
Carrie Hintz: Pat the Bunny (or Just Swipe the Screen): On Children’s Tablet Book Apps
Margaret Higonnet: Adaptations of Alice
Patrick Coyle: Interpolations
Toby Mitchell: A Short History of Tall Stories
Edmund Hardy: The Ballad of Herbert
Joshua Beckman: 3 poems from Portraits that are of Children
Nicholas Clark: Eric Carle’s Library
Greg Thomas: Review of Frances Presley and Peterjon Skelt, Alphabet for Alina
Ian Brinton: Skellig by David Almond, or ‘The Door and What’s Behind It’
Tim Atkins: from ‘On Fathers < On Daughtyrs’
Robert Kiely: Review of Tim Atkins, Complete Petrarch
Bernadette Mayer: Chocolate Poetry Sonnet