Issue 11: Manifestos

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Michaelmas 2018, 210 pp.

Notes on Authors

Contents: (follow the underlined links to read items free online)

Isabel Waidner: Liberating the Canon: Intersectionality and Innovation in Literature
Ammiel Alcalay: “Follow the person”: A Manifesto for Lost & Found
Audre Lorde: Race and the Urban Situation; Proposal for Faculty Seminar at Hunter on Race
Jean Sénac: from The Sun Under Weapons
Kay Gabriel: Dead and Gay Forever; Litmus Test
Drew Milne: Two Biotariat Manifestos
Patrick Coyle: Amalgamalgam 3D Vessel
Shola von Reynolds: Statue in Black Marble
Sean Bonney: Letter Against the Language
Nisha Ramayya: Villein in Gross; Villein Regardant
John Wilkinson: Rose Red City
Jonty Tiplady: Spherical Writing: A Manifesto
Simon DeDeo: The Paradox Manifesto
Victoria Brown & Richard Brammer: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Manifesto
Isabel Waidner: Orsun Ursol (from Gaudy Bauble)
Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beynon: The History of Theatre
Katy Deepwell: Feminist Art Manifestos/Feminist Politics
Lee Ann Brown & Norman Fischer (with traces of Laynie Browne): Manifesto for the Universal Church of Poetry
Nicholas Makoha: The Metic Experience: A Manifesto
James E. Montgomery: The Untranslateable: Three Poetic Emotions
Sam Riviere: As Material
Mark Hearld: A Collage Manifesto
Noirwave: The Noirwave Commandments
Emily Critchley: Room on Fire
Paige Smeaton: Owl-festo
Imogen Cassels: My Mother at the Rosewood
Jessica Lack: All that is Solid Melts into Air
Raymond Geuss: Manifestos and Confessions in the Art-world